The P.I. Ploy Book
The P.I. Ploy Book The P.I. Ploy Book

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Make Attorneys Insist On Working With You

If you want more personal injury attorney referrals, you need to make their job as easy and profitable as possible.

Material Published by
Gary Lewkovich, DC, QME, CO, DAAPM, CCA PI Chairperson,
Editor of the PI Review & Creator of Stone Solid Documentation for PI

Fighting Back Effectively in Personal Injury

  • The tools you need to fight 50 of the most common ploys in personal injury
  • Ploys used by both the insurance industry and attorneys
  • Complete explanations of each ploy from real life examples
  • Copy and paste solutions for fast, easy, and frustration-free responses
  • Support documentation in terms of handouts, research, articles, etc.
  • Tips on avoiding audits and other abuses by the auto insurance industry
  • The means to help you enjoy PI and spend more time with your family! 

“As an auto insurance adjustor, I have reviewed many thousands of auto accident cases in my career. Chiropractic records, in general, were lacking in information and were frustrating to review. These deficiencies made it easy for our reviewers to cut and deny care without reservations Dr. Lewkovich specialized documentation made it easy to consistently pay his bills in full, without reservations. The information he provided made my job of feeding the Colossus case settlement software quite simple and much more likely to yield higher settlement ranges.”

Linda Sanders, auto insurance adjustor, retired

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