MyoComfort PLUS
MyoComfort PLUS MyoComfort PLUS MyoComfort PLUS

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Why Your Patients Need MyoComfort PLUS...

  • Helps ease muscle soreness, pain and fatigue
  • Supports energy metabolism of blood cells and fascia self-repair
  • Supports normal tissue and nerve inflammatory response
  • Helps with healthy aging, immune support, tissue self-repair

Offer your patients what they are looking for!
An all-natural product that is formulated
for maximum bioavailability.

Do your patients experience any of these?

  • They feel stiff in the mornings
  • They experience slow recovery and sore muscles after a workout
  • They experience muscle soreness or tenderness
  • They have experienced a recent injury or suffer from a chronic injury
  • They experience excessive muscle tightening, making stretching difficult
  • They experience periodic muscle or leg cramps
  • They experience muscle stiffness reducing their range of motion