CerviPedic Neck-Relief™
CerviPedic Neck-Relief™ CerviPedic Neck-Relief™ CerviPedic Neck-Relief™ CerviPedic Neck-Relief™ CerviPedic Neck-Relief™

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The CerviPedic Neck-Relief™ Promotes
the Natural Spinal Curve and 
Relieves Neck Tension


The CerviPedic has helped sufferers with the following symptoms: 

  • Tension headaches
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Neck stiffness and neck spasms

Users already suffering from degenerative disc disease, pinched nerve and herniated disc have reported that the CerviPedic has effectively helped them with their symptoms.


My first impression was that I immediately felt "zero gravity" on my neck. That same night , I intended to rest my neck for 15-20 minutes, 4 hours later I woke up and my neck felt incredible! I'm able to fall asleep pain free and wake up feeling great.

Sarah O'Neill - Anaheim Hills, CA

After the cervical fusion of C 3,4,5, I suffered severe & continuous  pain with no relief in sight. My brother sent me his Cervipedic Neck-Relief pillow and as soon as I Laid on it I had neck pain relief. I was then able to rest and sleep only on the pillow without pain.

JMS - Carson City, NV.

    Its organically patented shape comfortably cradles the head and neck while gently promoting a natural cervical spinal curve. A naturally shaped spine opens up the structures in your upper quarter which takes pressure off neck joints and tight muscles and helps stimulate proper circulation and breathing.

    The CerviPedic can be used resting in bed while laying supine. It can also be used anywhere you can recline … this can be at home, as a passenger in the car, by the pool or when you travel. The CerviPedic naturally supports your head securely so it doesn’t roll from side to side or fall forward as you are resting.