6 Hr. - QME Recertification

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  • NEW!! Is Your QME Status at Risk? (How to avoid the pitfalls that can jeopardize your QME status.) - 2hrs
  • SB 863 2017 (Review the changes in SB863 and how they can affect your practice!) 1 hour 
  • Independent Medical Review/IMR (Understand how to use the IMR system to your advantage!) 1.5 hrs
  • Independent Bill Review/IBR (Important information you should know!) 1.5 hrs 
  • Almaraz-Guzman (How to provide alternative ratings using the 4 corners of the Guides) - 2 hrs
  • Documentation (Document properly and get paid!) - 2 hrs
  • Apportionment (What you need to know to do it properly) - 3 hrs
  • The Anatomy of a Forensic Report (Are you including everything you should?) - 2 hrs
  • Recent Important Cases - 2015 (Important recent cases you need to know!) - 4 hrs
  • Recent Important Cases - 2017 (More Important information for your review!) - 4 hrs