CA Training

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Don’t leave your staff guessing what to do. We’ll show them what works and why! The truth is that there is not one secret to having a great office. It is about doing all the little things perfectly.

Dr. Wayne M, Whalen, D.C., shares over 30 years of experience he has garnered in his thriving practice in San Diego, California. He covers the basics with specific instructions and provides valuable insight on training your CA to help you run a busy, successful practice. 

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The New Patient Phone Call - $39.95 

Does your staff have an organized approach to dealing with potential new patients over the phone?  What percentage of calls results in new patients coming in?  Do they plant the seeds for referrals, make you sound great, and reassure the potential patient that you have their interests in mind and follow evidence-based approaches?  Don’t let your staff answer  the phone until they have mastered these skills!

The New Patient Initial Visit - $39.95

There is really only one procedure that matters, and that is new patient procedure!  Learn how your staff can dazzle a new patient, set expectations for compliance, referrals and payments on the first visit.  Don’t you want your new patients leaving saying, “Wow!  This place is awesome!”

CA Fundamentals: Part 1 - Individual - $39.95
CA Fundamentals: Part 2 - Individual - $39.95

CA Fundamentals Part 1 & 2 - $69.95

In these modules we will discuss how to make your schedule work for you, cluster booking, and what to do if your doctor runs late. We will discuss being prepared to see patients, how to manage your time effectively and productively; how to set the office atmosphere to create the best patient experience; patient confidentiality- what you need to know;  dealing with distractions, phone calls for the doctor and performing therapy safely.